“Influencers are dreamers, they are leaders with a vision.” And your vision sure needs to be brought to reality.

The role of an influencer in today’s day and age is surely an extensive one.

marketing trends for influencers in 2020 has upscaled and so has the gimmicks of influencer marketing. Everyone is trying to make it different, unique and memorable.

It’s now time to try something the old fashion way. The answer is BUSINESS CARDS.

If you still think that business cards are for CEOs or big officials than you can’t be more wrong.

Business cards are back in trend and are going to change the dynamics of influencer marketing.

Who better than influencers to revive this megatrend?

Presenting oneself with utmost grace and making a memorable first impression couldn’t have been easier with the help of Business Cards

As bloggers, your marketing arsenals generally include e-mailers, Facebook pages, Twitter timelines, but it is crucial to have a good old-fashioned business card at hand for when you meet people in person. Even if you’re a new blogger, whether or not to go to conferences yet, a business card is an important tool for introducing yourself to potential partners.

Chhapai.com presents to you important points to contemplate if you are a Twitterati-

1. Ease of sharing contact details

The reason why physical business cards are still going around is that they deliver contact information with most proficiency.

The receiver can put the card easily in a wallet or an office drawer. These business cards thus come handy in finding out your contact details swiftly.

A company’s contact detail is vital to its clients and all of your contact information such as email and contact number are available on your card. When you try to send information through digital devices like iPhones and Androids, it is not always compatible with all the other devices.

Not all of your potential audience may have compatible phones. Which ultimately make these cards essential for all businesses. Even if you are an influencer!

2. Create a quick first impression

Imagine a circumstance where you met a big prospect client and want to share your details in brief, you can hand over your visiting card and they can connect with you whenever they want.

Also, not to forget that your verbal website mention may be forgotten but the business card will have all the details to connect through several mediums.

Digitalization has undoubtedly come a long way but hasn’t found the substitute of this traditional networking medium yet and a smartly designed business card is indeed one of the most substantial marketing tools still in use.

3. Business cards works as an excellent direct marketing tool

A unique custom business card is a great direct marketing tool because of the in-person meeting that goes with sharing of the cards, business cards are always effective when it comes to making an impact on the potential clients even if compared to search engine optimization, email marketing, etc.

When you happen to meet a potential lead anywhere including airports and industrial conferences, just give your card to them.

Always have some cards in your pocket to hand them out to prospects directly wherever you find them.

4. You never know when a good opportunity knocks

A cool mom at the park, a business owner who happens to want to start a blogger outreach, a person you just met who happens to be a blogger. You never know when you may meet an affable person you’d like to talk with again.

Give them your unique cards printed by chhapai.com which understands your style and brings your ideas to life.

Not to forget… “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

5. Give a face to your brand

Building a brand from scratch can be a burdensome task but the rewards can be enormous.

Business cards represent your brand. If done correctly, you can benefit from it. It helps your clients to put a face with the brand.

The business card could communicate the brand’s image, message, the influencer’s personality and values.

There are emotion-inducing elements in a business card, which, therefore, will turn your prospects into paying clients.

6. Facilitate the networking process

Networking is a vital part to make sure that your brand doesn’t turn obsolete. Networking helps you to get fresh ideas and gain a different perspective in reference to your brand.

Better networking techniques will help you attain new prospects which will ultimately lead to an increase in new clients.

As an influencer, there is the significance of developing relationships with competent contacts.

7. Promote your profile

Being visible and getting noticed is a big part of an influencer’s life. It is easier to get noticed with a professional and customized business card.

In an era of digital space, you could promote your profile by amalgamating both digital and old fashioned marketing gimmicks and get an edge against all the other influencers.


8. Confidence


“Sometimes, what you’re looking for is already there”. — Aretha Franklin.

Confidence can make or break one’s personality. When your daily meetings are with major corporations it’s important to exert confidence and have positive energy around you.

The best attribute of a business card is it helps you be more confident and professional when opportunities knock your door.

9. Legitimacy

Business Cards are a great tool to manifest legitimacy to your brand. Business Cards hold some basic contents-

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. What can you do for them?
  4. How to contact you?

What better way to introduce your brand than handing out your customized business cards?

10. Trust

Ensuring you have enough business cards on you while going for meetings and social events are very important.

People connect more if the interaction is based on trust and reliability.

With so many influencers in the space, it can sometimes be difficult to build trust with prospective clients.

We here at chhapai.com are working endlessly to design a card that reflects your personality, your brand and your style.

Why fit in when you are born to stand out?

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