A business model exclusively made for creative and passionate people who aspire to cater to the most premium clientele and work in a seamless system. This is a 100% independent business opportunity with access to chhapai.in systems to trade with any print store. It runs parallel with your venture; adding higher value to your clients and diversifying the competitive area. As we like to say, this is 

not just a franchise but an experience.
Take a glimpse of how we work!

Design Editor

Chhapai comes with a Design Editor for your ease! Create a beautiful design for your clients with the templates.


Chhapai Calculator

The only calculator deisgned to help you choose your desired elements: papers, treatments, quantity and several add-ons. You can choose your ideal combination to get the final pricing for your business card.


What is better than keeping a track of the Dashboard of your order?
Chhapai Internal is the page for you to keep track on all the production stages. Chhapai has a dedicated platform to keep track for all your clients and their order.

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Know us better

Chhapai is a 17-year-old printing company with more than 15 outlets and 100+ resellers countrywide. It is the first print company to have a fixed pricing structure.

Chhapai is an ideology, it’s much more than just ink and paper. It’s the symphony of ideas coming to life. We are a team that strives towards changing the way the world prints.

We pivot a unique blend of technology and traditional printing practices to create marvelous products and deliver out of the box solutions that help you in realizing your ideas in the best of way.