What are Chhapai Business Cards?
Chhapai Business Cards are avant-garde double sided Business Cards. The cards are available in three different paper stocks- Classic, Enviro and Bespoke.

Our designed Business cards are fun and creative to hand out. We craft cards that are memorable and becomes an essence of the brand.

How big are Chhapai Business Cards?
Chhapai offers Business Cards in three different sizes. You can find the exact measurements: –
Standard Size (same as US sized cards)

  • 89mm x 51mm
  • 3.5 inches x 2.0 inches
  • Square Cards
  • 57mm x 57mm
  • 2.25 inches x 2.25 inches

Have your own full bleed design? Upload it and make sure to read all the guidelines.


Are Chhapai Business cards double sided?
Yup! Chhapai Business Cards are printed in full color and both the sides.No extra cost.

How much do Chhapai Business Cards Cost?
Chappai Business Cards start at Rs. 275 for 100 cards (inclusive of shipping in India). However, the final pricing differs with the choice of paper and the turnaround time.

Are the Enviro Business Cards 100% recycled paper?
Absolutely! The papers used in Enviro-Business Cards are the super-fine quality Fabrianno Paper Stock. It is acid free and produced with 100% post consumer recycled pulp. The “FSC 100% recycled” label guarantees that the product is in accordance with FSC Standards, also supporting responsible use of forest resources.

Can I have round corners on my Business Cards?
Sure! We love something unique too! You can have a Rounded Corner Option. We fulfill your desire by using a Die-cutting Technique ensuring you the supreme quality.

How much do rounded corners cost?
There is an additional minimal charge of Rs. 600 for 500 cards. You can find more details on our “Product Pricing Page”.

Can I get a QR Code on my Business Cards?
Definitely! This is a prevailing feature in modern day business cards. You can add them hassle free in the “Customize your Own” process.

Do you sell Business Cards Holders?
Yes! We acknowledge that Business Card Holders are important. You can purchase them in our Accessories Section.

Do Chhapai Business Cards have a Chhapai Logo on them?
Nope! Your Business cards are personalized ONLY for you and to promote your business. The Chhapai Logo is added only on the sample/trial cards.

Do you still sell those cute Square Cards?
Yeah! Obviously. They are one of our favorites too; another one being Bespoke Business Cards.