Visiting cards are crucial to boosting the network of businesses and firms. Well, in order to spread your word and key points regarding services offered – business cards are deal-breakers!

Best Visiting Card Printing Services in Chandigarh

If you are seeking the optimal and standard visiting card services in Chandigarh, here we got you. We create the most influential cards to help you in making meaning connections with potential clients!

We are one of the best visiting card printing services in tri-city that aims to give your business a unique identity in order to make it grow. You can highlight the logo, objective, message, contact details, visuals and more through visiting card services.

Suppose you are at a coffee shop, or in a restaurant. People will certainly look forward to keeping you in contact or vice versa. Simply hand over your business card provided that it polishes up your first impression in social circles.

Generally, the best business card companies work to make a strong brand value of a firm. At printing company, we act on relative concepts and details given by the client and modify them accordingly.

We just brought about the main features of our printing service in Chandigarh. Though you need to once contact and communicate with us to get the details.

For years of services, we have helped thousands of clients boost their marketing and business outcomes. Intending to create something you love in more exciting ways, our team deals with high-tech and multiple types of printing & designing tools!

Raised Spot Glass Business Cards

Know the special features of Chhapai:

Along with years of experience in the digital designing and printing branch, we look ourselves as the resourceful all-rounders in the market. By choosing us you can have all the benefits just in a single order:

Types of Business Cards We Deal With

Undoubtedly, plenty of online services are available to meet the client’s requirements. is an eminent platform that deals exotically. We tie up everything so well and decorative.

With the top-class graphic designer team, we focus on curating the best business cards in a variety of materials rather than putting all our efforts only on the creative side.

The popular range of materials that we deal with:

Bamboo Business Cards

Wooden Visiting Card


Embossing and Electroplating

Acrylic Business Cards

Acrylic Business Card


Wool and Cotton Business Cards


PVC Visiting Card


Clear Metal Cards


Foiling Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Card

Matt Business Cards

Matt Business Cards


Super Gloss Business Cards

Elevated Impressions: Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards

Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards

Die Cut Business Cards

Die Cut Business Cards

How Chhapai Works | 4 Steps in Designing a Business Card

Many visitors have the urge to order business cards from us however due to a lack of knowledge regarding the procedure they skip it most of the time.

You can kick start your entrepreneurship with us in 4 simple steps.


Firstly, pick the desired design from the available templates. You need to choose the size of a business card, and keep it a priority. It matters a lot.



Now pick the Orientation of your visiting card – it means if you want a horizontal or vertical card printing.



Choose the thickness of your card. From the same page, you will know the different thickness levels we have to offer.



At last, you will be asked to upload the necessary details and logo. Do not forget to go through the pricing list, stock information and turnaround time thoroughly.


Frequently asked questions

The shipping can be as fast as 2 business days and may vary as per the type of material and paper you choose. Whereas, by placing an order before 12 PM as per EST, you can get your hands on the visiting card just the next day.

  • Yes, Indeed. We do ship across the globe by our main transport services including DHL/ Fedex/UPS.

Basically, we deal in the listed 4 sizes of business cards:

  • Standard (3.5″ x 2.0″)
  • US Size (3.46″ x 2.16″)
  • Square (2.56″ x 2.56″)
  • Mini (3.0″ x 1.5″)
Chappai Business Card Services could be the best deal you ever make. The reason behind that is:

  • Great customer service and satisfaction
  • Customize your cards
  • Paper stock varies from 300gsm to 800gsm
  • Attractive and influencing graphics
  • Superior quality and verified delivery

Since we work with all three finishes: Matte, Glossy and Soft Suede, know the key differences between all!

Matte: the non-shiny, plain and writing–friendly textured cards are matte finished.

Glossy: they have super vibrant, shiny and luxurious finishing giving deep definitions and clarity to the graphics.

Soft Suede: People love these shine-free but velvety coated cards that look completely Accenture and delicate.

Seeking ways to power up your productivity with business cards? Simply go to our website and choose an ideal template for you. Ask yourself if it is suitable or if you want some changes? You will have to provide the essential details along with the logo. That’s it, you’re all SET for a business card.