10 tips for your next business card design – Part 1

Business Cards are always a classic. Having a Business Card for your brand & for your personal use is a plus point.

It adds an enigma to your personality. It shows discipline & effort from your end, to have taken the time to create a card which showcases your brand or personality. People will get the gist that you mean business.

It will help create legitimacy for your brand and business. It serves as a great marketing tool & will help facilitate the networking process.

It will help you build connections and upscale your business endeavour. It will give a face to your brand.

Do you still need more reasons? Let’s discuss it in details:

Reasons why you need a business card

1. Giving a personal touch

Swapping contact information digitally is impersonal. If you wish to give a personal touch while swapping your contact information, you can surely make use of Business Cards.

Networking is about making genuine connections.

Engaging in eye contact and having an actual conversation when you give out your business card is how you built a connection.

2. Great Marketing Tool

The current marketing tools such as email marketing, search engine optimization & paid media are all great but not as effective as having a sit-down meeting with a handshake and a Business Card Exchange.

Having the Business cards on your own at all times is always a good idea.

Just think about the endless possibilities- trade shows, industry conferences, happy hour, airport lounges will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to make a valuable business connection.

3. Give your brand the first best impression

Your brand deserves the best.

You should make sure that your brand makes the first best impression to let the world know what it is all about. Communicating the right message from the brand will hit the right audience and help you build and add to your existing customer base.

4. Make your Business Referrable

One of the basic element of a business card is to make your business referrable and help build trust for your clientele. Get your business on the map with our cards.

Need tips to design it?

Here are some tips from our experts to help design your perfect Business Cards.

1. Select an Outline

To get the process started first you need to select a shape for your Business or Visiting Card.

Already want a rectangle visiting card?

You might want to revisit the whole idea. You can choose to explore all the other options, even hear some extraordinary items.

With the advancement in printing techniques, innovative, affordable, professionals have more ground to explore & discover something magnificent.

The printing technique of die-cutting allows you to cut in any shape you want & still be able to print in bulk.

If you are looking for something a bit more conservative, you could just simply round the corners for a more amicable business card.

Longing to stand out from the crowd?

You can use virtually any shape from animal mascots, the outlines of the products you sell or an outline which is completely new & original.

You could structure your entire business card theme around the smart cutting. You could use the cutting to highlight a specific information or message from your card.

To choose a creative or a different shape totally depends on you. It fundamentally depends on the message you want to convey.

Want to know more?

Stay tuned with Chhapai & design a perfect card for your brand.

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