Visiting cards help you to make valuable connections with professional marketers and clients. An effective modern visiting card strives to deliver services offered by a brand in an approachable way.

Best Visiting Card Printing Services in Panchkula

If you are one of those potential people who seek the best services of visiting cards in Panchkula, you are at a perfect place. delivers a marvellous range of visiting cards made out of exotic imagination and great ideas. Our designing team challenge each marketplace as they print the cards that reflect both modern technology and traditional design in the final output!

By choosing us, you eventually move one step toward a successful and purposeful journey. We have been working with a great team of advisors, professional artists and content creators that gives a strong back to our brand.

Begin a real relationship with the target audience – Order now and let your pocket taste the touch of classic and rich-textured visiting cards.

Moreover, has bespoke availability for people who want to work on something new. To generate your visions into reality; simply share your design, templates and logo!


Know the special features of Chhapai:

Grab the most effective marketing tools under the shadow of a world-class brand that offers great features:

How Many Types of Visiting cards we have

Tailored for local, national and international brands – we feel appreciated to serve people across the globe with a range of visiting card designs.

Have a look at the cards designed in different ways to be more specific about what you want:

Bamboo Business Cards

Wooden Visiting Card


Embossing and Electroplating

Acrylic Business Cards

Acrylic Business Card


Foiling Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Card

Matt Business Cards

Matt Business Cards


Wool and Cotton Business Cards


PVC Visiting Card


Clear Metal Cards

How Work Chhapai

Once you made up your mind to work with us, it is our responsibility to give a presentable image to visiting card. You need to go through the following steps while requesting the same from us:


Firstly, pick the desired design from the available templates. You need to choose the size of a business card, and keep it a priority. It matters a lot.



What kind of orientation would you prefer? Choose between horizontal and vertical.



Choose the thickness of your card. From the same page, you will know the different thickness levels we have to offer.


Check out the additional features and pricing! You are ALL SET to rocket your business.


At last, you will be asked to upload the necessary details and logo. Do not forget to go through the pricing list, stock information and turnaround time thoroughly.


Frequently asked questions

It depends on the design and the time you place your order. The type of paper and its size contributes to it as well. However, 2 days and next-day delivery are possible if you order the product before noon EST from Mon to Fri.

Yes, we do work globally through various modes of transaction.

We offer the following Business Card sizes:

  • Standard (3.5″ x 2.0″)
  • US Size (3.46″ x 2.16″)
  • Square (2.56″ x 2.56″)
  • Mini (3.0″ x 1.5″)
  • We have an excellent paper quality that remains the same if taken care of properly.
  • You do not need to worry about the damaging, fading and tearing of the material.
  • From thin to super thick, we have every kind of paper stock.
  • Clients can provide their personal designs to us.
  • Full HD, highly corrected and full-coloured printing of visiting cards.
  • Great Customer Care Services and Pocket Friendly.

Matte: If you are fond of luxe but low-key business cards – matte is your thing. It is shine-free, you can even write over the matte business cards.

Glossy: As the name implies, the cards with super shiny and HD quality – they are more attractive and vibrant.

Soft Suede: Business cards with soft texture are squishy and soft to texture.

It is all on you folks. What do you want to target? How do you like people to know your business?

Either you can go through our existing templates for an idea or simply add your valuable information to the template.

Whereas, business log, images and tagline are what you must add for extra influence.