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Reseller Model

We are here with an exciting opportunity for all the creative people out there! Join Chhapai in just 3 easy steps and push your imagination into reality, with hands on high revenue backed by extremely low investment!


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Your Role as a Reseller

Chhapai has already set the best foot in the Printing Industry. There is so much less that you got to carry out! Just reap the benefits from the already established Brand.

  • Build Locale Relations 
  • Expand the Business
  • Get Designs Approved
  • Sustain the Brand Name
  • Handle Clients with Efficiency


Chhapai provides you a platform to have your business and becomes your “go- to” place for your offline and online printing needs and enterprises.

Business at your own comfort!

You have full control on- the working hours, the working style- all at your ease. You become an independent owner. There is nothing more than relaxation with the Chhapai Reseller Model.

The design services that you’d provide to the clients can be charged as per your will. It’s all you who controls your business and the prices.

The ones who are already into printing can use this Reseller model to help in increase your own revenue by presenting your own products to them. A win-win for you!


Electroplate! Emboss! LetterPress! Foiling!
All in ONE Business Card in Orders as low as 100 cards!

Get the Best of all the treatments on 1 card


Most frequent questions and answers

What is my profit Margin?

The Profit Margin is between 18% – 22% for every order.

How can I enroll for it?

Just fill up the form and you become our reseller partner.

Will I get marketing Support?

Yes, you can get marketing support, but it will be paid!

What products can I have access to?

You can have access to all the products enlisted on the website.

Do I need a dedicated space?

No, you can start reselling Chhapai products at your own comfort!

How will I manage my orders?

You will get a Account Management to keep track of your orders and their deliveries.

About Chhapai

Chhapai is a 13 year old printing brand, building trust and standing incomparable with more than a decade of experience in printing. The foundation of Chhapai was laid with the sole purpose of changing the perception of the world towards printing.

We are proud of the colossal products crafted by our competent designers. At Chhapai, we strive to present yourself as a prosperous and a successful brand. We bring in clients and then sustain with them a long-term relationship as their contentment is our priority.

A Glimpse of us Chhapai over Years

1 years of brand heritage 0 lac HAPPY CUSTOMERS 0 lac BUSINESS CARDS SOLD

Chhapai for a Graphic Designer

  • Expand your business besides skills
  • Low Investment
  • Generate Higher Revenues
  • Earn More in Designing
  • Create Long-Term Prospects

Chhapai for a Web Designer

  • Higher Revenues
  • Low Investment
  • Add more value per client
  • Safe & Secure Business Model

Chhapai for a Digital Marketer

  • Generate more Customers
  • Complements your Business
  • Increase your turnover
  • Print your Designs
  • Get Creative

Chhapai for a New Start-up

  • No prior Printing Knowledge required
  • Safe-sided Business Model
  • Low Investment
  • Greater Profits
  • Smoothly Running Business
  • Training & Support