Bespoke Business Cards

You’ll never have the second chance to make a first impression.”

Being humans we unintentionally often judge a person by their first appearance or impression.

Having a business of your own, going on to meet new clients and closing deals on deals can’t be easy. We at CHHAPAI understand your challenges and are here to take your load off by helping you look more professional and apt for the significant client or job with our BUSINESS CARDS.

First Encounter

When you walk through the door, it will take around 3 seconds before someone makes an assessment, based on your appearance, the way you carry yourself, your body language, your mannerisms & your demeanor.

The more interaction you have with the person, various opinions about you will be formed.

The first impressions are usually difficult to overlook and most of the time the relationship which is formed is based on your first meeting.

So are you ready to make a great first impression with CHHAPAI.

We endeavour to provide you with one of a kind BUSINESS CARDS which will help you be noteworthy.

What are bespoke business cards?

If you are new to this, don’t worry we are here to guide you through it. We present to you BESPOKE BUSINESS CARDS for your own unique style. Bespoke business cards have upped the game of business cards to a whole new level. You can customise the card according to your brand or personality. Every minor detail in the cards helps enhance the message across. The colour, the pattern, size & preferred treatments help accentuate your brand or your personality. Get your own personalized card to showcase your professionalism & exclusivity at an amalgamated place. Give your clients very memorable personalised cards and make an exemplary first impression.

Our style

In a world full of trends, we still remain a classic.

“Style is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s something else that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren.

Our style is to incorporate the spark that beams from within you. We try to manifest your requisite into our product.

In today’s era there are endless courses of actions, come along with Chhapai for a journey and explore to your heart’s content.


How did it all began?

Before diving into the specifics let’s go back and explore how it all began?

It all began with PRINTING. When Johannes Gutenberg introduced printing to Europe, even he couldn’t have fathomed the impact of the same even centuries later.

What we call business cards today were called presentation cards back then. These were very popular in the 17th century.

Here is a business card of the President of America- Abraham Lincoln. It reads “ My old customer, and others, are no doubt aware of the terrible time I have had in CROSSING THE STREAM, and will be glad to know that I will be back, on the same side from which I started, on or before the FOURTH OF MARCH NEXT, when I will be ready to SWAP HORSES, DISPENSE LAW, MAKE JOKES, SPLIT RAILS, and perform other matters in a small way”.

Even in the 17th century, business cards were largely used by a majority of aristocrats in Europe. The size of these cards were similar to poker cards. There was a trend of engraving the card with gold typefaces.

The cards were used by the footmen of the aristocrat and the servants of the host, to announce the arrival of a distinguished guest.

By the 19th century, more and more people started using it and it became the ‘essential’ item. People used to have silver card trays in the hall of their houses along with a pen and a piece of paper. So, when someone popped up to visit, it served as a catalogue of those who visited the house before.

During the Industrial era, with the rise in the middle class, there was a decrease in the social formalities, & with more advanced and efficient printing technique ‘business cards’ became the need of the hour.

The visiting cards & trade card merged into one. This was most common in countries like Europe & the United States.

Wondering what happened in the 20th century?

‘Business cards’ became an essential element for both companies & individuals. Companies used to hand out business cards to its customers. It became a necessity, an essential. It was considered a sign of professionalism and discipline. It also allows you to put a face to the brand or an individual, there is assurance of a point of contact in the exchange of the card, a different customized card for yoChur vision.




In a pitch black world, be a star. Stand out. Get Inspired. Get creative. Get working.

In a rainforest of mediocre business cards, get yourself the well-deserved spotlight with our magnificent personally designed & creative ‘BUSINESS CARDS’.

Our electroplated ‘BUSINESS CARDS’ stand out as they are divine, of high-quality & printed on Italian Papers. These papers give your card an international flair. These intricate and traditional prints are inspired by the Renaissance period.

Each sheet of paper is beautifully decorated with stunning colors, ornate designs and gold accents making them ideal for your business networking.

Still wondering? Get yourself a CHHAPAI ‘Business card’ today.




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