10 tips for your next business card design – Part 3

We have already designed the card with the desired colours, shades & elements

The next step is to add the necessary text and information on the card. What your business cards say totally depends on you.

Any sort of freelancer would not require any postal address on their visiting card, while professionals who consult face-to-face do require it.

Apart from the dimensions, there are a handful of pieces of information which can prove helpful for you while designing the card.

On the other hand, it could be a strategic choice, such as drawing attention to your website.

The point being, different people benefit from different information on the business card. You could personalise the information put out in the card.

Below is a detailed list of some common choices, so that you can decide the things would like to include in the card are:

  • Name- Name of yourself
  • Company Name- The Company name, except your personal brands. If you and your brand name are the same, you could write the same for the both.
  • Job Title- For the more conservational cards, you could include the name of your company in the card. This also allows the holders to get hold of who you are? What do you do?
  • Phone Number- Including a contact number is always a good choice. Even if you are not intending to communicate over the phone, providing the holder with information for their referral serves the purpose of reference.
  • Email- It is the new norm for non-urgent business communications, one of the fundamental reasons being it allows sending documents as attachments.
  • Social Media- If social media on any grounds holds relevance to your field, or you just want a sprint of your personality up on the card, you can include social media links.
  • Address- If you own a store or would like the business referred back to an address, feel free to include it.
  • QR Code- Not a popular choice, a QR code is a viable shortcut for transferring whatever data one desires.
  • Slogan- Completely optional, any slogan helps with your brand loyalty & adds a little hint of personality.

Business cards aren’t just about giving information but the main purpose is to retain it. People may already know your name, address, URL, but keep the card in handy in case they forget.

Stay tuned for more..

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