10 tips for your next business card design – Part 4 – Chhapai

10 tips for your next business card design – Part 4

We have already figured out what information needs to be put out. While typography is an important element in any endeavour, it’s especially relevant to business cards.

It is of great importance to watch the typography in a business card because the text needs to be completely legible & there is limited space to work with.

To get a better understanding, let chop the typography into three fragments.

1. Size

It must be readable. To maintain readability, all the text in your card should be at least 8 pts.

Remember, you don’t want all your text to be of the same size so feel free to differentiate the text sizes.

Also keep in mind the empty space, if you don’t want your design to be cluttered- keep the text small so that there is breathing space around each & every element.

Business Card of a Lawyer

Business Card of a Stylist

2. Fonts

Font of the design could be the deal maker. Fonts influence your personality or your brand identity.

Always choose the font which might resemble your personality or your brand’s or the message you want to put out.

A clean and modern sans-serif, an individualistic and elegant script or a classic timeless serif font.

Here are some samples of different kinds of fonts you could play with to enhance your design.

The font could partially depend upon the stream of field of work you are in.

If you are a lawyer you would opt for the subtle colours and design & choose a more formal font rather than a funky looking floral visiting card.

Selecting the font on the basis of the relevant work that you do provides a better design for the card.

The choice is all yours.

3. Color

This is when your brand colors come in handy.

Staying on brand, choosing text colors that compliment the background color of your card, which would in fact should also be a brand color.

Sometimes, some colors might look beautiful together but can be hard to read, so experiment with contrasts for legibility.

The belief of typography is to prioritize legibility over all else. It doesn’t matter how pretty your font is if no one can read what it says.

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