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NFC Social Card Share your Instagram with atap

NFC Social Card, Share Your Instagram, LinkedIn and Many More With Just a Tap.

Introducing our NFC-based social card, revolutionizing how you connect and share online. With just a tap, effortlessly exchange Instagram and LinkedIn profiles, streamlining networking like never before.

✅ Unlimited scans

✅ No app required to scan

✅ Comes with Pro membership of

Say hello to seamless digital interaction. Unlock the power of instant connection with our NFC social card.

Share your card
with anyone

Compatible with
Android & IOS

Easily create digital
Catalogue cards

Save trees and contribute
to the environment

NFC Social Card for Instagram and linkedIn

Boost Your Following:
NFC Social Cards,
Grow with a Tap!

Materials available

Experience versatility like never before with our NFC Social cards, available in five distinct materials: paper, PVC, bamboo, acrylic, and metal. Each material offers unique aesthetics and durability to suit your branding needs and personal style. Choose the perfect material to make a lasting impression while staying connected in the digital age.​

Built in Analytics

Unlock Comprehensive Insights for Your NFC Cards Through Personalized Login Access on our Platform –



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