Business cards are a few relics of the past that continue to fulfill various professional demands. They offer brand awareness, free promotion, a call to action, and facilitate networking.

Well-designed business cards are pocket-sized billboards that convert chance encounters into clients, partners, suppliers, and friends.

However, how much should you invest in a business card? The cost of business cards can vary greatly, and it’s not always simple to know how to make your cards stand out on a budget.

When attempting to identify yourself and your brand, it is in your best interest to be aware of the design elements that matter most.

This article will cover every element of the price of a business card. We’ll conclude by tying up any loose ends. Let’s discuss why the cost of business cards might vary so much for the time being.

Price varies for a reason.

The cost of a quality business card design ranges from $0 to hundreds of dollars for a reason. If you’re like the majority of small businesses and startups, you’re attempting to balance your desire for a high-quality design and your budgetary constraints.

A great design should cost between $199 and $999 in such cases. Remember that designing and printing your business card are two independent stages that will affect your business card’s total cost.

Trying to comprehend which option is best for you.

There are several ways to produce business cards. Here are the pros and cons of each choice and why you might pick or avoid them.

DIY design

The least expensive alternatives include making a card yourself with programs like Illustrator and using online template providers to design and print a simple card.

If you have design experience and are proficient with design software, the decision is simple; if not, you’ll likely choose a template. Having a business card designed is typically the least expensive approach, but the outcome will likely be somewhat generic.

You may be charged up to $50 for utilizing a template, and you’ll incur extra fees for printing your design, depending on the printing choices you select (more on that later).

Some templates allow you to print the design on your printer; however, the results typically appear amateurish, so use this option with caution. Other templates let you develop your design for printing by a service.

Most designs allow you to choose from a variety of basic symbol and font options and upload photographs or photos, allowing you to create a personalized, functional business card. Websites such as Vistaprint, Moo, and YouPrint provide this option.

Design challenges

Design contests and freelance designers often fall in the center of the business card pricing spectrum, between $200 and $1,000. Since each alternative has distinct advantages and disadvantages, we will examine them separately.

If you don’t know what design style you’re searching for and want to view a variety of concepts from other designers, a contest is likely the best option for you.

Design contests on websites enable you to receive several personalized business card designs from a group of expert designers on the site and select your favorite.

Prices begin at $199 for design concepts created by less-established designers and extend to $999 for design concepts created only by top-tier designers.

Regardless of any contest you choose to conduct; you can anticipate a flexible design turnaround and print-ready files so that the cards may be completed as quickly as possible.

Freelance designers

Working directly with a freelance graphic designer is your best option when you know exactly what you want and need someone to bring your idea to reality.

You must obtain a quote from the freelancer and discuss the cost. Costs might range from $199 to $999, depending on your freelancer.

However, if you do not already have ties with freelance designers, it might be difficult to identify the ideal freelance designer.

Sites allow you to peruse designer portfolios to locate a suitable fit. You can view which designers truly capture your aesthetic and get a quote from them on the website.

Working with a freelancer whose style you adore is frequently the greatest option for getting business cards created because it’s so simple and clear when you know exactly what you need.

Contests are good for those who have no clue what they want and want to see various options, but freelancers are ideal if you already have a general notion of how your card should look.

Design agencies

If you have a substantial budget and need to pull out all the stops for your project, you may hire a design agency. Working with an agency is an excellent option for designing a comprehensive branding package that includes your business card.

Expect an agency design to cost at least $2,500, but they will take care of everything and provide you with a completely original, high-quality design.

Regardless of where you discover your designer, ensure a good fit. Examine their portfolio to confirm they have the appropriate design style and experience for your business.

After making a decision, be explicit about your expectations and requirements. Communicate your brand’s values and desired aesthetic so that your designer may transform them into a visual product.

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