Highlight a logo, brand name, or design with a Spot-UV coating for a touch of simple elegance. Spot UV Business Cards are visually beautiful and surprisingly inexpensive compared to other superior finishes.

Spot-UV business cards allow you to add a personalized touch to your company or personal calling cards. The glossy overlay on selected design portions makes them instantly appealing and engaging.

Spot-UV business cards are available in 14-point or 16-point gloss and 16-point silk laminated covers. On request, rounded edges are also available.

If you have never explored Spot-UV business cards before, let’s examine what distinguishes them from other cards and the outcomes you may anticipate.

What is Spot-UV?

Spot UV printing is a method in which UV coating is given to a specific area of a business card to stand out with a glossy finish in stark contrast to the rest of the cardstock’s color and texture. Spot-UV might be compared to a highlighter, drawing attention to an important portion of your business cards.

Spot-UV is achieved by applying ultraviolet-cured coatings over ink on paper, which intensifies the color and instantly dries.

With Spot-UV, the distinction between gloss and uncoated finish offers a sensory experience that is both visual and tactile. It is one of the most preferred finishes among company owners and professionals.

When using Spot-UV over other finishing methods, utilize only coated paper material to ensure the best results. The UV coating can occasionally leak into the paper when using uncoated materials, leaving very little on the surface.

How Should Your File Be Prepared for Spot-UV Business Cards?

After devoting so much time and energy to designing your business cards, you must ensure that they are sent to the printer correctly so that there is no opportunity for error. Preparing the file according to the printer’s precise instructions is crucial to the success of your business cards.

First, the Spot-UV mask file must be 100 percent black and white and posted alongside the full-color image file. Spot-UV will be applied only to the completely black regions. White will denote regions that will not be coated with Spot-UV.

The Completed Product

Spot-UV coating gives your business cards a glossy look. In addition, Spot-UV gives your graphics a three-dimensional appearance. The difference may be seen and felt because the UV coating is slightly elevated. Individuals who get your business cards will be pleased by their quality and professionalism.

Spot-UV allows your business cards to stand out, and because of this, it has become one of the most preferred finishes for all bespoke office supplies.

Spot-UV is also present on jacket covers with the revival of vinyl records. It is an adaptable finish that may improve the appearance of any printed item, from personalized business cards to customized packaging of all kinds.