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W- LOC , the first ever Virtual Creative event has spread the carpet to every corner of the world. Industry Leaders, International Brand personnels and exemplary artists will be a part of this grand event. Chhapai.com in association with International Art and Imagination Forum will create history in establishing the World’s biggest artists and creators networking forum.

As a brand/team company there are several benefits:

Coffee Table Book - Your best and most innovative creation will be imprinted in the special art magazine, 'The Art Connect' with your brand logo. Top industry professionals will view each and every design and appreciate the innovative perceptions of art.

Certificate from World Record Book, UK - It will prove to be a huge credential for your brand. A certificate from the World Record Book will elevate the status,marketing value and image of your brand.

Corporate Branding and PR - International accolades, especially a prestigious certificate from the renowned and famed World Book of Records,UK will influence and advocate your organisation vastly. Brand is built on trust and recognition. Recognition comes through achievements and significant achievements help build the trust quotient of customers. W-LOC will strongly compliment on the PR front and eventually open more doors for your business.

Lifelong Membership - Once you are a part of IAIF, you are complimented with a lifelong membership. IAIF has long sketched vision to create an enlarged platform for artists and establish an artists' networking channel throughout the world. You can head the drive in your hometown to create an artists community under your brand. This will again accentuate your PR and establish you as a contributing brand

Visibility - Your profile video in regards to your brand and your quotes will be circulated in various digital platforms .

Make this registration with W- LOC fruitful for you and your team thoroughly. Take part in the live discussions and webinars to learn more on industry insights and earn visibility. Reap benefits from the huge networking scope which W- LOC offers. Be a part of our long standing vision and grow your team with trusted community, passion in art and an eye for business.

Contact us at: worldrecord@chhapai.in
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