Stay up-to-date with every process business card goes through!

Tracking your order has never been so easier and fun! You can actually know under what process your card is. This is your business card and we acknowledge the importance of it and your sentiments for it! Our automated production of the business cards along with its tracking enables you to keep track of your Order Status.

Let’s see what processes your card goes through until it reaches to you.

Receiving your Order

Great! Your order is received by our executive and is under automated production already. Your order with your desired specification and personalization has been recorded. We hope you have checked your order cautiously before placing it! You are instantly sent an email and an SMS over your registered number to confirm your order.

Order in Progress

After receiving the order, it goes through a process before turning into your desired and lovely business cards.  The process includes different stages depending upon your choice of papers, treatments, and all minuscule details.

Order is Ready

Your order is ready at this stage! It will be quality checked before being ready to deliver to stand even higher than your expectations. You receive an email and an SMS when your order is ready and your invoice is generated at the same time. We believe in transparency! So, at every stage, you are informed about your product.

Order is Shipped

Finally, it’s time; you will soon receive your order! Your order is shipped, i.e. it is to be packed and ready for transportation to your given address. You are updated with Shipping Status of your order.

Successfully! Oops!


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