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Join the platform where more than 10,000 artists and creators are participating. An unparalleled opportunity to meet the beau mondes of the industry and to showcase your unique creation to the World. Bag the World Record with your splendid creative.

What do you get?

International Recognition

2020 has shown us a new way of life. Breaking the geographical barriers, W- LOC has crafted this path breaking virtual event for creators sitting at each corner of the world. Your art and creation will now reach the height from where there is no downward. Industry influencers will appreciate your art globally. A huge opportunity to enter your name with your art in the World Book of Record, London.

Global Platform

A global platform always gives an edge over other platforms. Your creation shall get floated among thousands of artists around the world. Remarkable global personalities will acclaim your creatives. Your passion deserves the international spotlight and appreciation. Above all you get the marvellous chance to meet and network with distinguished artists and brand makers. Professionally this can prove to be a game changing opportunity.

Learning and Networking

Art and creation does not have a set syllabus. It is an on - going process. When you meet artists from around the globe, you shall witness arts in its most distinctive forms. Fusion of art has always brought in surprising creations. So join this virtual international event to learn art from the remote corners of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a participation certificate?

Yes, all participants in the World Record will be certified by the World Book of Records UK, as well as a certificate of participation from our host and sponsors.

Is a hand-drawn sheet allowed for submission?

Yes, you can scan & email your artwork to us on worldrecord@chhapai.in or directly upload it on the dashboard link. You can also send us a video of making your art. We might play it during the event or use in the reel.

What is the nature of this competition?

It’s for anyone with a creative streak. Whether you’re a student, painter, illustrator, etc. literally anyone with a design in their mind can be a part of this.

What should participants do in case the payments are not available in my country?

You can send us your query on worldrecord@chhapai.in to get an alternate payment method. We will assist you in every possible way.

Are multiple entries allowed for submission?

Participants are allowed to submit multiple entries or projects, but each design entry has a mandatory fee of $50. For an early bird price of $12 per submission, click here.

Why is it not the Guinness Book of World Record?

We did not go with them because they do not provide certification to each participant. However, they are prepared to take the submission after the event.

Do I lose control over my idea/design once I enter it in this contest?

No. As per the company policy, the entrant retains ownership of the idea. Our interest is purely to support in promoting and recognizing the innovative design ideas. There is absolutely NO transfer of intellectual property.

Is there a fix theme we need to follow for our design/ artwork?

As we are currently coping with a global pandemic, we would like you to create your design around the same, which is #CreativityAgainstCovid.

Contact us at: worldrecord@chhapai.in
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