Business cards are essential for networking and extending one’s network of contacts. But what if you could improve its efficacy and simplify it for clients and future employers to add your info to their devices, learn more about your firm, and even see examples of your work? You can achieve this by including a QR Code on your business cards.

To create a QR code, follow these steps:

  • Visit QR Code Generator and choose the type of QR Code for your business card. We recommend beginning with the vCard QR Code. *
  • Enter all the information you wish to display.
  • Select Generate QR Code.
  • Now use the “Scan Me” logo on your QR Code to modify its appearance.
  • Choose colors that complement your style or brand.
  • Choose ‘Download’ to obtain a jpg version of your QR Code.
  • Integrate your newly-created QR Code into the design of your Business Card.

Sign up for vCard Plus QR Code, where you may add additional information, a profile photo, and change or replace all the information without producing a new QR Code. Additionally, you may select from various frames and add your logo.

Best Practices Regarding the Usage of QR Codes on Business Cards

The black-and-white appearance of QR Codes has given way to a more adaptable identity. With a vast array of versatile, user-friendly options, you can generate QR Codes that stand out and boost your entertaining and motivating brand.

Add instructions

Users have made a significant error in the past by printing QR Codes without a brief description of what the customer would acquire or learn by scanning one. Unless you offer consumers an incentive to scan your Code, your marketing efforts will be in vain.

Frame it

With our customizable frames, you can make your QR Code suit your creative design. When developing your Code, you can choose from a range of pre-designed frames, including various Call to Action (CTA) texts and color options.

If you wish to add unique information, you can further personalize by selecting a different shape or symbol and even adding your text. Consult our guide regarding QR Code frames on this page.

Add a logo inside your QR Code.

After selecting a frame and customizing the form and color of your Code, you have the opportunity to include a brand image or company logo in the middle of your QR Code.

Our technology recognizes the optimal and maximum size for uploaded logos to ensure that QR Codes remain scannable, so you do not need to make the necessary modifications.

Save your designs

Reuse the same branded QR Code design without manually recreating an older one. QR Code Generator PRO enables you to store all of your designs as templates, allowing you to reuse them for future marketing and service projects.

Customizable URL

By default, each Dynamic QR Code is assigned a random short URL that, when scanned, leads to any page you choose.

Customizing the short URL with your company’s name, for example, can help you distinguish yourself from rivals and inspire more user confidence. Follow these steps to modify your short URL.

Test before printing

The minimum acceptable QR Code printing size for marketing materials is 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8). You may easily make it larger from there; however, we do not advocate going smaller because it will leave your Code unreadable or even undetectable.

Bigger printing is required for intricate patterns, low color contrast, or a substantial number of encoded characters.

To guarantee that your Code is completely readable, you should do comprehensive field testing using various devices and applications. It will provide you with the confidence that every user will be able to scan your Code.

Benefits of Using QR Codes

Networking made simple

Employing the vCard Plus QR Code on your business card allows prospective clients and employers to add your contact details to their mobile devices without manually keying it in. They only need to scan and save the document.

Grow your social media audience

Similarly, incorporating a Social Media QR Code that links to your social media platforms will increase your site’s number of followers and fans and help your clients stay abreast of your most recent work, news, and events.

Samples of your work in one place

People are more willing to conduct business with known contacts than with strangers, and what better way for prospective clients or employers to become acquainted with you than via your work?

Using a QR code with a dynamic URL, you may attach your business card directly to user cases, your blog, or your current business initiatives, a terrific tool for freelancers.

If you are in the music industry, you may share your music with anybody who scans your business card using an MP3 QR Code. And by utilizing the PDF QR Code, you can connect to your resume or any other PDF files, eliminating the need to take hard versions to job fairs and other events.

Maintain customer information

By including a Business Page QR Code on your business cards, you can provide fast access to your company’s opening hours, address, navigational instructions, contact information, and social media profiles.

If you run an internet company, you may use a button, a portfolio of your work, or a website to market your products and services.

If you also want to make a business card with QR Code for your business, then definitely see our card. Chhapai