Giving shape to your business ideas with our
holistic quality solutions

Giving shape to your
business ideas with our
holistic quality solutions

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design in its purest form is the art of visual persuasion and the tool to promote a strong brand for the business it is attached to. It takes only a few moments for an individual to feel a sense of connection to a brand, logo, or design. Thus, making graphic design an important element in your business’s success and marketability.


We at chhapai believe anything and everything requires planning and we do follow it. Our team of professional designers initially gather the client requirements and the inspiration behind it. With a better understanding of the client, we design a rough layout of the product with the suggested colour combination and theme. At every stage, client approval is obtained till the end of the final output. Providing quality services is something we take pride in and we stand high for our timely delivery.

Our Graphic Design Process in Steps

Collect Information


Build a Plan

Build Design Concepts

Production & Completion


Logo Design

Business Card Design

Envelope Design

Letterhead Design

Menu Card Design

Brochure Design

Tag Design

Paper Carry Bag Design

Packaging Design

Privilege Card Design

Tent Card Design

Poster Design

Label Design

Invoice Design

Pamphlet Design

Wedding Invitation Design

Shagun Envelope Design

Wedding Itinerary Design