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Minions Pen-Stand

You must have heard of Minions? They are the cutest pill-like creatures. Keeping the trends in mind, we designed a beautifully elegant pen-stand in the form of Minion. This pen-stand is crafted out of the sustainable and durable materials! When you look at it, they give a feel of exact replica of the being in movies. It contains numerous sections to accommodate your pens making it easily accessible from all angles. The 3D minion stand is eye appealing and attractive for all age groups! You cannot get bored of this endearing little artifact! Its touch and feel are impeccable!

Stationery Box

Stationeries are the essential part in today’s world! It’s difficult to imagine day without a pen or a diary! You need them on almost daily basis and quite frequently. We designed this Stationery Box concerning the importance of it in individual’s daily life. Fabricated with a sustainable and imperishable material, the stationery box incorporates a personalized Diary, sunglass case, stand and a tea coaster. All these are laser engraved to give a touch of your personalization! This is the most noteworthy of this Stationery Box, each box elements are designed as per you and your personality. Such stationery items give a professional touch beside all other emotions!


Noting something down? Having some corporate diaries? Do you know customized diaries leave a long lasting impression to your prospects? We have fabricated sophisticated and exquisite diary for all the professionals. The diaries are personalized with your name and desired info engraved on it. Its cover is engraved with beautiful and your desire of designs. Apart from the cover designs, the paper quality used is of super-fine quality. It feels smooth to write in it, shows elegancy and royalty and gives anew edge to you and your brand personality. So, grab your one today!

Visiting Card Accessories

The most basic need for business cards are card holders! Who likes to carry the bundles in purse and pocket and they find it wrinkled or may be lost at the time of need. The card holders we provide are complementary for all our clients purchasing business cards. These card holders are- both portable and stationery for office use! This will add an immense volume to your professionalism and your brand recognition. The materials used are diverse and robust with personalized message and information on it. When you look at it, it will itself show how elegant of a material it is! And the touch is flawless with an eye-captivating design and color.

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